North Belconnen Uniting Church, Melba

Youth Groups

Playgroup : Monday 10:15-12:00

For parents (and grandparents) with under-school-age kids. Children enjoy indoor and outdoor play plus a regular music program. Bring $1 and some food for your child to share with other children.

OK Group : Last few Sundays each school term

The Older Kids in years 3 and older discuss faith and how it impacts on their lives, often using craft and art activities. We also prepare items for their involvement in special services.

Easter and Christmas Craft Workshops

For preschoolers to year 6 on a Tuesday afternoon prior to these special times in the church calendar. After afternoon tea and an age appropriate presentation about Easter and Christmas there are lots of fun craft activities to make and take home.

Young Families Group

Families with school-aged children and younger meet for social outings like barbecues, bonfire, farm activities, games and races.