North Belconnen Uniting Church, Melba

About us: who we are and what we do

The Uniting Church was formed in 1977 when the Methodist, Presbyterian and Congregational churches joined together to form a single church. Our religion has a large influence on our values, the way we live and the way we support the local community.

Our congregation began in 1973, meeting in the Melba Primary School initially with the Anglican Church. We moved into our own building off Conley Drive in 1990.

Are we like other churches? Unlike the Anglican or Catholic churches, we do not have bishops, archbishops or a pope. Members of the congregations have a much larger say in what the church does and how it interacts with the community, more in contact with ordinary people and with more of a "down-to-earth" attitude to Christian life.

But we have good relations with other churches. We do not see ourselves in competition but rather working to a common purpose.

What happens in a church service? It lasts for about one hour and includes singing some songs, bible reading, an address usually from our minister, and refreshments after. We are neither ritualistic nor charismatic. We want people to feel welcome and do not exclude people because of differences in faith. We are not judgemental.