North Belconnen Uniting Church, Melba

Hearing Loop

People attending worship services who use hearing aids are encouraged to try to connect to the hearing loop. Most hearing aids in Australia (an estimated 90%) are equipped with an induction circuit (sometimes designated as the "telephone" or "T-Loop" setting). Some hearing aids issued by the government's hearing service have the T-Loop fitted but not activated.

All hearing aids users are encouraged to:

  • Look for their user manual and read the instructions for the T-Loop if fitted;
  • Become familiar with the hearing aid switches. These may involve a switch on the hearing aid itself (there may be an "M" setting for microphone and a "T" setting for the T-Loop). Otherwise, there may be buttons on the remote controller which allow selection of the T-Loop. It is simply a matter of switching to the "T" setting at the start of the services and switching back to microphone at the end;
  • Most important, please experiment with your seating position in the hall. Given the hall architecture and hearing loop design, the loop may not be equally effective in all areas of the hall. Users may get better reception if they do not sit far forward; and
  • Any person who is not perceiving any benefit from the loop is asked to speak to one of the technical people at church. People have got a lot of benefit from our facilities, and no-one who needs them should miss out.

Assistance for people who do not wear hearing aids

People with hearing difficulties who do not have hearing aids can benefit from our within-building FM radio broadcast. Many mobile music devices like IPods are able to pick up radio signals. We broadcast on 94.0 Mhz. We also have a few sets of headphones that can be borrowed for the service which pick up the signal.