North Belconnen Uniting Church, Melba

Children's Prayer 2019

Dear Father God,

Thank-you that we are healthy, have good food and clean water. We are so grateful that we have families that love us and that girls and boys have equal rights to have a good education and to choose what they want to do in life.

Sometimes we get worried about the future. You have given us such a wonderful planet. Please help us all, kids and adults, to make good changes to slow down climate change and clean up our environment. Please help people who have been hurt by bushfires or struggle with the effects of drought.

Help us cope well with change when we move classes or schools or leave school. May there be family, friends and teachers who can help us when we feel anxious.

Please help us know how to react when people get angry and help kids who get scared. We also pray for people who are addicted to gambling and people who are sick.

We pray for all these things in the name of your son, Jesus. Amen.

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